September + October

These last months have flown by. We are savoring our final season here and simultaneously getting excited to move back to our beautiful state. Colorado, we have missed you. The heat finally relented in late September and we've been enjoying our bike rides and walks ever since. We kicked off September with our most deeply cultural experience … Continue reading September + October


April + May

It is summer time!!!! Since our guests left, we have had a quiet couple of months. We have been biking and playing the guitar with every spare moment and are always chasing sunshine. In April: We found a delicious Texas barbecue joint called "Austin's"! How fitting. Brianna could not get enough of the gorgeous flowers. It … Continue reading April + May

The Beauty of Habits

Habit-forming has become a major focus of our time here. We have learned--over the past three years--that we thrive best as individuals when we can find flow in our day-to-day life. We've been reading The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg and it's been a deep well of information and inspiration. We recently integrated the Habit Bull … Continue reading The Beauty of Habits


Man oh man, it is already Spring! April has Korea's cherry blossoms in full bloom and new flowers are popping up all around us. Things are turning green and the sun is not hiding nearly as often. March was full of awesomeness. Our dear friend, Kimberly, came for six days. We ate lots of Korean Barbecue, … Continue reading March


Heyo! I cannot believe February is already past. We started off with a 5 day weekend for Seollal and went to a cool neighborhood called Myeongdong to get fish pedicures (pictures below!) with our best Irish friend, Jack. After the fishies stopped feasting on our toes, we were wandering around and a random Korean guy came up to … Continue reading February